Please feel free to download the latest version. The program is still under development. So I can't assure on error free behavior. Please help improving the program by posting desired functional extension or improvment on the forum.

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    Change log

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    Version 01.02.02 (2012/05/13)

    149 TabComamnder doesn't determine the associated program of a double-clicked file by itself anymore. The file will be passed to the operating system instead. Windows knows best which application should handle the file.
    - After switching to Windows 7 I noticed some displaying issues which are solved now.
    - Changed shortcuts:
    Ctrl-W closes the current Tab (former Ctrl-D)
    Ctrl-D opens the favorites dialog

    Version 01.02.00 (18.12.2011)

    131 The size of whole directories can be displyed by selecting the menu item "View", "Size of directories". Scanning the directories and calculating their size might take a while. Meanwhile a "~" will be displayed instead.
    Ohne The command line is back. You can activate it by menu item "View" "Command line". If activated, any typed character will be inserted into the command line. Otherwise (when command line is invisible) any typed character will be used to move the selection bar to the next matching file or directory. If you like to find files or directories while command line is activated, you have to type "Shift"-"Alt"-"first letter". Then a small input line opens. Any further typed character will go to this line. The cursor keys "down" and "up" can be used to move the selection bar to the next/previous matching file or directory. Here you can also use wildcards as "*" and "?".

    Version 01.01.10 (10.12.2011)

    - I removed the build in command line. Please send me a hint when you are disappointed about that.
    - Support for laptop computers with dynamic ClearCase views: Tabs which refer to a dynamic view will not be re-created when commander starts. This avoids hanging when the ClearCase server is unavailable.
    128 Support for TabCommander on USB stick: The context menu of a user defined toolbar button provides using variables for definition of path, working directory and icon to use. Examples are:
    Absolute path : T:\PublicTools\Browser\Firefox.exe
    In relation to the current directory : $CURRENTDIR\..\Scripts\DoStuff.cmd
    In relation to the TabCommander.exe : $TABCOMMANDERDIR\..\StickTools\Editor.exe
    In relation to the drive letter of the TabCommanders storage location : $TABCOMMANDERDRIVE\StickTools\Editor.exe
    By using any environment variable : %VARIABLE%\StickTools\Editor.exe or just %EDITOR%
    129 Internal HTML help is available again. Unfortunatly the English help system is still rudimental.

    Version 01.01.09 (30.01.2010)

    113 The main window gets full size after starting the commander when it was full size on shutdown.
    111 All file names can be displayed with extension even when a dedicated column for extensions was configured. Please notice the possibiliy to sort all the file names by their extension with "Ctrl-F4".
    yak A further metology to select a file name quickly was introduced as desired by an user. If the command line is not visible (now the default configuration) you can simply type letters. The selection bar will immediatly go to the next file name matching all the typed letters. The selection switches to the next matching file name if the typed letter is beeing repeated. The former file name selection metology is still available by pressing "Alt" while the first letter is typed.

    Version 01.01.08 (24.01.2010)

    112 Aditional configuration properties of the user defined buttons are available (just right click on the button). Its possible to define whether the slected file(s) shall be passed to the program or not. You may also define whether the files or additional parameter are passed first.

    Version 01.01.07 (01.01.2010)

    - The "Favorites" menu offers two new menu items "Load tabs" and "Save abs". "Save tabs" writes information about all tabs of the current window into a file. "Load tabs" recover all the tabs according to the selected file.
    - TabEdit: Its now possible to change the editors font. Please use "Settings" -> "Font".
    - TabEdit: All search results of the current document are colored now.
    99 The complete path (\\server\share\directory...) will be copied to the clipboard by right clicking a tab and selecting the menu item "Copy UNC path".

    Version 01.01.06 (11.11.2009)

    - On deleting directories, each containing one write protected file, multiple delete confirmation was necessary. The "Yes to all" button was grayed.
    - ZIP compression and uncompression is much faster now.
    - Some gray rectengular areas eliminated after changing from one directory with very long filenames to another dirctory with shorter filenames only if automatically column width adjustment is selected.
    98 Setting the directory of a program to the current directory when the program is about to be executed from the favorits list.

    Version 01.01.05 (11.10.2009)

    97 Points removed from directory name while adding to the favorits list
    - Editor: Better repainting of the window on undoing deleted characters.
    - Icons of the toolbars user area can be moved and reordered using drag and drop.
    - Tabs can be reordered using drag and drop.
    - You can now drag and drop a file to a text document to get the file name into the text. You get the path name by dragging the tab to a text document.

    Version 01.01.04 (2009/09/27)

    - Its now possibe to drag and drop tabs between Commander windows or to sort them. The path can be extracted by dragging a tab to a text document.
    96 Copy and paste of a file without extension within the same directory by using Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V caused an overwrite warning. Now the pasted file is renamed in to "Copy of ..." without any warning.
    E1 Opening ZIP archives located at a write protected network location resultedin an empty window. Now the ZIP archive is shown correctly. Navigation and extracting of files is possible.
    - On pressing F2 to edit the file name, only the file name without extension will be selected. I often need to change the file name by keeping the extension.
    - After slecting all files by pressing Strg-A, the number of selected files, directories and summarized size will be displayed in status line.
    - Toolbar buttons got additional configuration properties.
    - Syntax coloring for Perl added to the built in editor (TabEdit).

    Version 01.01.03 (2009/06/28)

    - Some German to English translations.